SEO Course with Job Assistance

Search Engine Optimization Course:-

Immediate Jobs with Placement Assistance on Completion of SEO Course.

Seo - Search Engine Optimization Jobs

Achievements on completion of SEO Extreme Course :-

  • SEO Expert (Search Engine Optimization Expert).
  • You become Master in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).
  • You become Expert in SEM (Search Engine Marketing).
  • You become Experienced in SMM (Social Media Marketing).
SEO Extreme Course & Job Assitance to Earn Rs.2-3 Lacs

You can achieve Google #1 position like me

  • You get INSTANT JOB on completion of SEO Extreme Course.
  • Payment starts from 1.5 L up to 3 Lacs per annum. (Starting Salary)
  • You can promote websites through Auto twitter.
  • You can promote websites with the help of Auto Facebook.
  • You can promote websites with Professional quality Videos & Promote using YouTube.
Salaried SEO JOB placement

Salaried SEO JOB placement

Nature of job

  • Your Own Website :- Adding many pages with SEO Technology.
  • Bring Visitors :- Bring targeted Visitors from Internet to visit websites.
  • Writing :- Same as Article Writing Course. But Cross your limits of Income with the help of SEO Extreme Course to get more Salary than Article Writers.
Avaliability of Salaried SEO JOB placementr2013

Availability of Salaried SEO JOB placement

Portion Covered

  • Website Creation Course Part 1 – CREATE WEBSITE
  • Website Creation Course Part 2 – HTML BASICS
  • Website Creation Course Part 3 – IMAGES & LINKS
  • Learn the secrets of Blog & Ping : Auto Posting methods without typing or copy pasting. You’ll get thousands of such postings on the blog. No need to type or copy paste anything. Still the blog will get articles after articles on it. (Other classes in India do not ever know such techniques exists)
SEO - Search Engine Optimization Wheel

SEO – Search Engine Optimization Wheel

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) : Following six lectures will take the website on the first page of Google’s search results (SERP). This is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
    • Links : How to find and use links of other websites for our benefit.
    • Keyword : What is keyword and how to find it for extreme SEO?
    • SEO Part 1 :- For Competitors & Competition
    • SEO Part 2 :- For the Project Websites
    • Keyword Finder Tools.
    • SEO Tools : Go to the end to find out SEO helping sites
    • Write Articles without TYPING anything and set up the website’s blog with lot of material. Auto Writing Method – NO TYPING (Other classes in India do not ever know such techniques exists)
    • Forum Writing Course – What are forums & how to use them for our own benefit to make money.
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) : How to use them? Self-learning lesson with guidelines.
    • VDO Recording : Record video with this free software and use of Community sites like YouTube, Facebook, Orkut & other 51
    • Auto Setting of Twitter – Don’t do anything; still get the tweets, followers and of course website visitors without even a single click, that too after Lecture, week after week and months after months. (Other classes do not know such techniques exists)


  • ROR/RSS Generator : ROR Generator
  • Google Sitemap Generator
  • Control Panel, Domain Name, Hosting, FTP, free 1000s of templates
  • Copy Paste Course- Advertising
Avaliability of Salaried SEO JOB placementr2013

Availability of Salaried SEO JOB placement


  • Bonus # 1
    Download : $2000 worth resale right products included ( WOW!!! )
    You can download the products which you can sell and keep all the money with you. These products include eBooks, software & various tools. You can use them for yourself also.
  • Bonus # 2
    eCourse Books : (You’ll get these books + software + many more in CD. Its more than 650 MB) More products worth 
  • eCourse Books : (You’ll get these books + software + many more in CD. Its more than 650 MB) More products worth $1000 included with resale or master resell rights. (Who else will give you all this in eCourse? Who possesses such a huge stock of eBooks, tools & software?) and more WOW!!s, tools & software?) and more WOW !!
  • Bonus # 3
    Keyword Density
    This software is very rare and not found on the internet at all. I give it to you as a bonus which will help you to impress and get more job work from the companies.
  • Bonus # 4
    Quick Copy and Paste Scripts
    These fragments of JavaScript code, you can cut and paste in your page with little or no alteration. The script can be pasted into your application.
  • Bonus # 5
    Forum Posting Software
    This forum posting software offers the quickest and easiest way to customize your posts. Save time and start making more money. Use Forum posting software to automate your sales in the forum without any problems. Eliminates problems in your marketing efforts using this forum posting software
  • Bonus # 6
    The 17 Skills & How-To’s You Need
    1) Creating Web Graphics.
    2) Learning HTML.
    3) How To FTP.
    4) Installing Web Scripts.
    5) How Do I Create & Integrate A Header File When The (PHP) Script Doesn’t Have One?
    6) What is a squeeze page and how do I create one?
    7) Setting Up Your Own Auto responder In A Standard Auto responder Script.
    8) Creating Download Links.
    9) Instead Of Having A Plain URL, How Do I Create A Text Link?
    10) A Simple Way To Protect Folders On Your Server.
    11) Creating a Download/Thank You Page.
    12) Creating a Mailing List.
    13) Promoting Your Web Site.
    14) How do I link to a page on my server?
Availability of Salaried SEO JOB placementr2013

Availability of Salaried SEO JOB placement

 Qualification & Requirements

  • Qualification requirement is Graduate / Undergraduate to do this job with working knowledge of English language writing, reading is the first basic criteria. Additionally you must know computer basics (e.g. copy paste, save files, using MS Office, using WinZip, windows player, download, installations, using software etc). + basic skill of internet surfing, how to join/sign-up/register to different websites and you should be able to search Google in such a way that you should get your required result from 2/3 searches. You must be able to open any page of the website within 2/3 attempts as also you should above to send and receive emails.
  • English Reading and writing is compulsory. So you must read, write & understand English. No need to speak in English.
  • We teach all aspects in SEO Extreme Course, i.e. technical knowledge required for the work as well as commercial aspect which includes how to get your job.
  • It is mandatory to practice the portion taught in the SEO Extreme Course at your home on the same day and practice it for next 3 to 4 days. I check every student for the work done.
Availability of Salaried SEO JOB placementr2013

Availability of Salaried SEO JOB placement


  • For Indians : Pay the fee of Rs.36,000 once or pay in two monthly installments of Rs.19,000 (Advance Check) or pay in four monthly installments of 10,000 (Advance Check) and attend the SEO Extreme Course. This fee once paid is non-refundable and non-transferable. Bring 1 photo & xerox copy of photo id, residential proof, educational qualification proof for joining.
  • Other Countries: Pay the fee of $700 or two monthly installments of $375 or three monthly installments of $250 and attend the SEO Extreme Course online (1 to 1 through skype). This fee once paid is non-refundable and non-transferable.


  • 24 Days 1 Hour once a week (4 Months) – 100% personal batch with individual attention & backup by phone, email for 90 days after the course. OR 1 to 1 through GTalk, YahooIM, skype or facebook or any other suitable IM.

 How to Proceed