Article And Content Writing Course

seo-article-newspaper-advertiseYour Achievements

  • Write Professional Quality Articles and contents.
  • Find Job Work on the Net or Job Placement is available.
  • Starting Salary Rs.15000 per month.
  • Tact & Tricks to get the job done.
  • Able to Earn Rs.1750 ($30) daily from 1st day of training.
  • International banking and withdrawal methods.

Nature of job

  • Writing :- Anybody can easily write around 100 to 500 words on any given subject. We teach you how to write in simple & easy way. You make Rs.110 – 550 ($2 to $10) per writing job. You will get hundreds of jobs to write. Or you can get a employment of Rs.15000 per month. Its so simple and easy too.
  • Job Work :- Doing the above work for employer on job basis. By this way, you get experience as well as money.

Portion Covered

  • 18 Video Lessons, Step by Step Written Instructions & Pictures
  • Pre-course work
  • Opening Bank Accounts
  • Typing Tutor Software
  • Keyword Density Software. How to use it?
  • How to Write on any topic?
  • How to Write professionally?
  • Submit to directories.
  • Job Work sites.
  • How to get Jobs?
  • How to present yourself?
  • How to submit jobs to employers?
  • Payment & Withdrawal Methods from Paypal to your Bank Account.
  • How to get a jobs in local companies?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.1. Is this work hard and do I need to Bid on jobs that I want to do?
    Ans. No. There is no hard work. This is easy work. You have to bid to get the jobs.
  • Q.2. What is your interest in teaching to us? Why don’t you yourself earn out of it?
    Ans. Firstly I get paid for the teaching. Moreover, I get referral commission on your work. My interest is to earn referral commission on every job you do and not to earn one time earning. I want to be certain that you are serious about your jobs. So I charge Personal Training Rs.12000 as fees.
  • Q.3. I really do not have any writing experience, so does that mean I need to compose something for someone else to read?
    Ans. Every aspect of writing is taught in the training. You can easily write on anything once you start with this system. You can achieve net quality writing within a day’s time.
  • Q.4. I am not sure if this is the kind of work for me. Can anyone do this or do I need writing experience?
    Ans. This work is for everyone who can write English. You need not have any writing experience. How to write on any given subject is covered in the lectures. Anyone can write on anything who knows grammatical English.
  • Q.5. What is this job requirement to get a good salary like said (say Rs.25,000/month)?
    Ans. Its job work. You get paid for the work you do. As a salary, if you are able, then you get start of Rs.15,000 per month.
  • Q.6. Can I make more than Rs.50,000/month?
    Ans. Its a lot of work to get more than Rs.50,000. Even it is plenty of work to get Rs.25,000. But you can easily get Rs.15,000 – Rs.20,000 if you work for it. Some of our students are earning more than Rs.75,000 a month.
  • Q.7. How many companies I have to work to get paid?
    Ans. Each job is offered by different company. There are about 500-1000 offers of a job at any given time. You can work for many companies at a time. Once you get 10-15 jobs, you need not have to find new companies as you’ll not find any time to complete new jobs. 
  • Q.8. How long do I have to work daily?
    Ans. It depends on you. You may work for 2 hours to 16 hours a Day. It also depends on the job & your working ability. Suppose you have to complete the job within one day and the man-hour requirement is 4 hours, then you have to work for 4 hours to complete the job in the given time. 
  • Q.9. How am I get paid?
    Ans. You get paid mostly by direct transfer to your bank or by demand draft, check or pioneer credit card. 
  • Q.10. Why I make the bid for getting the jobs? I think it can be lost and I can’t get the job.
    Ans. There are many applicants. We teach you tricks to get the Job in easy way. We are successfully doing this for last 8 years. 
  • Q.11. Should I pay more after I have paid your fees?
    Ans. You need not have to pay anything except the fees.
  • Q.12.How long can I work with this job?
    Ans. You can work as long as you wish.
  • Q.13. If I work in one Company, how much will salary be made? less than Rs.25,000/month?
    Ans. For starting salary, you get Rs.15,000 as monthly salary.  Also, you can work as job work basis. There are several companies present the job for you to bid and complete. Some companies hire you on hourly basis if the job requires to do so.
  • Q.14. After I pay you training fee of Rs.12,000, how long I will get the bid and take the job to work? Can I work immediately on the same day?
    Ans. You will get the jobs forever as long as you wish. Earning money is easy. We provide you the knowledge how to get the job and do the work. Now its up to you how to apply the knowledge. It all depends on how smartly you apply the knowledge gained in the training. We also support for 30 days after training to lead you to success.
  • Q.15. How can I get money in my hands?
    Ans. Before starting the job, the employer credit the money into your account at site. After completing the job, you can withdraw it by various methods.
  • Q.16. I am rather confused about the nature of work. I need to know more about it.
    Ans. Writing – you have to write around 500 words on given subject. Writing is easy and we teach how to do this. You get around Rs.150 for writing 500 words. You get 5, 10, 50, 100s articles to write.


  • Bonus # 1
    Directory Submitter Software
    With smart build-in features of Fast Directory software, you can save time, money and drive traffic to your sites. Directory Submitter Software provides software assisted submissions as efficient as you could imagine. You submit your site in 5 minutes to over 500 directories effortlessly. Directory Submitter software provides data submitted easily from your web site to directories, helping to build back links and improve the performance of your web site search engine. Directory Submitter software submit your site to relevant directories with a click of a button.
  • Bonus # 2
    Typing Tutor Software
    You can increase your typing speed up to 30 wpm within a month by practicing on this software for half hour a day and if you already have 20 wpm speed, it will increase to 50 wpm in a month if you use it daily.
  • Bonus # 3
    Keyword Density
    This software is very rare and not found on the internet at all. I give it to you as a bonus which will help you to impress and get more job work from the companies.

Qualification & Requirements

  • Qualification requirement is Graduate / Undergraduate to do this job (to the minimum, 10th pass) with excellent knowledge of English language is the first basic criteria. Additionally you must know computer basics (e.g. copy paste, save files, using MS Office, using WinZip, windows player, download, installations, using software etc). + basic skill of internet surfing, how to join/sign-up/register to different websites with knowledge of usage of member facilities and you should be able to search Google in a way that you should get your required results within 2/3 searches. You must be able to open any page of the site within 2/3 attempts as also you should above to send and receive emails.
  • English Reading and writing is compulsory. So you must read, write & understand higher level English. Your English writing should be grammatically perfect. If you know US English well, you’ll start earning big amounts quickly. No need to talk in English. So, overall your English must be excellent for Article and Content Writing Job Work.
  • We teach every aspect in course, i.e. technical knowledge required for the job as well as commercial aspect which includes how to start your job till how to get real money in your hands. All information is taught online & in personal course.
  • It is essential to practice the portion taught in the course immediately at your home or net-cafe on the same day. Your potential earning depends on it.


  • For Indians: Pay the fee of Rs.12000 and attend the course. This fee once paid is on-refundable and non-transferable. Bring one photo and xerox copy of photo id, residential proof, educational qualification for joining immediately.
  • Other Countries: Pay the fee of $250 and attend the Article Writing Course online  by 1 to 1 GTalk, YahooIM, skypay or facebook or any other suitable IM. This fee once paid is non-refundable and non-transferable.


  • 5 Days 1 Hour – 100% personal batch OR 1 to 1 through GTalk, YahooIM, Skypay or Facebook or any other suitable IM with individual attention and backup by phone, email for 30 days 

How to Proceed

  • Click Here check our address. If you have any difficulty , doubts or questions, post a comment and I’ll guide you..

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